4 thoughts on “Day 19 in the Hospital

  1. This situation happens more frequently than the DSHS will admit. We don’t hear about them because they are protected under the shroud of “privacy.” There are places in Washington for this young man to be habilitated. Two in Western Washington: Rainier and Fircrest. Both of these Residential Habilitation Centers (RHCs) have the necessary trained staff and expertise and extended services to handle hard-to-place cases such as this young man has. Unfortunately, many well-intended advocates support community placement at any cost and are not unwilling to sit silent when a tragedy like this is occurring. The result is those who ought to be stepping in to help decline to do so because the solution (such placement in an RHC) does not comport with their political philosophy. Sadly, I suspect we will see more of these cases and I appreciate your willingness to alert the public about an ongoing and increasing problem in our society when ideology is put before individuals.

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