Day 21 Update…I did not make this up

Mason’s transport to his new facility had to be arranged entirely by our hospital as “the DDA does not provide transport from a hospital”. This is truly unreal. Mason was brought to us, left for 3 weeks, and the DDA won’t even arrange for transport. This meant that we had to call for ambulance transport AND pay a security guard to go with him and a taxi ride back. How did Mason get from his prior foster home to Mason County? I presume that this was arranged and paid for by the DDA and did not involve an ambulance, restraints or medication. In addition, someone affiliated with the DDA arrived today with a bunch of Mason’s clothing that had been washed, not dried, and placed in a garbage bag. The support has been horrendous. I feel like banging my head against the wall.

One thought on “Day 21 Update…I did not make this up

  1. Your raising all of these issues is tantamount to the need for fixes that are implemented and monitored by high-level leaders until the system operates with the speed it must when these situations arise. Banging your head against the wall is not advised but it is understandable. You are not alone in carrying frustration and bewilderment. Your blog is an outlet.


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